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About the Entrepreneurship Foundation

We are a non-profit organization here to provide on-going moral support to student companies and university spin-outs, serve as a platform to match students with mentors and monitor process, and to provide a forum for student entrepreneurs to network, and share leads, customers, and experiences.

Here are just some of the Contests, Competitions, and Programs we offer:

Connecticut Entrepreneur Fellowship Program
CEF is an incubator for college students intent on launching an enterprise upon graduation. The program is intended to help them transition from school to self-employment. During the ten-week fellowship students attend lectures and devote independent time to refine and expand their business plans. Participants will be introduced to capital sources and coached on financing presentations. The program will also evolve a permanent volunteer support group to provide the critical mentoring that entrepreneurs need to achieve success.

Connecticut Business Plan Competition
The program is intended to part of the educational process. Students receive feedback on their concepts, plans and presentations throughout the process that culminates with the awarding of start-up grants to the most promising concepts. In keeping with the educational theme, the Foundation provides training for the professors, teacher guides and student texts on business planning and financing. Each year over 100 business plans are submitted by students.

The purpose of the program extends beyond assisting students and universities launch worthy enterprises. The competition also contributes to economic development through old-fashioned bootstrapping and helps to stem the brain drainby providing a more nurturing environment for graduates to start their businesses in Connecticut.

The competition was founded as a result of a survey conducted among venture capitalists to discover why there was a net outflow of capital from Connecticut. We were told that it was because Connecticut lacked an entrepreneurial culture.  The ultimate mission of the program is for Connecticut investors to see a greater number of local high-quality plans so that more deals get done, more jobs are created, and more good ideas to improve quality of life actually make it to market. 

Connecticut Elevator Pitch Competition
The Elevator Pitch Competition allows students to give a 30-60 second oral presentations to a panel of judges. The students will be scored on clarity, competitive strength of concept, and viability.

CCEE (Connecticut Consortium of Entrepreneurship Educators)
The CCEE is an organization of, by and for instructors of entrepreneurship at all levels. Periodically, professors gather to share best practices, attend development workshops with outside speakers, and provide feedback and advice regarding the Connecticut Business Plan Competition.